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Our Method

Our Teaching Philosophy
Teaching Chinese is like creating Velcro
We teach Chinese from an English Speakers’ perspective
Adults should be taught as adults, not as children
What Makes Us Unique
A great teacher makes a difference

Ever had the experience of learning a subject well because you like the teacher? Here, you’ll be inspired and learn Chinese through Yangyang’s personal touch.

Structure and Guidance Helps You Stay On Course

Our structure and guidance holds you accountable and helps you stay motivated. You save time and money by doing things right from the beginning.

Building Block Approach – Learn More with Less

Chinese words and structures build upon each other. For example, learn the words for “electricity” and “brain” and instantly know a third word: “computer.”

Human Element

At Yoyo Chinese you’re interacting with humans every step of the way. Everything is prepared with love and passion by people who care about you and your language learning.

Teaching Chinese is our specialty

Chinese, like every language, is unique and must be taught differently from Spanish, or Japanese. We don’t teach other languages, we specialize in being the best online Chinese language course out there.

Listening and Speaking are Equally Important

Our exclusive “Chinese on the Street” series helps you practice listening by bringing you authentic Chinese dialogue from the streets of China.

Feedback System

We create a virtual classroom by answering all your questions in the comments section below each video. Also, we test your knowledge in the “audio lesson review” section.

Short & Concise Lessons

We can teach you something new and important in just 5 minutes. You’ll be excited to keep moving forward without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Different strokes for different folks

Do you learn better using fun pictures? Maybe you like to hear and repeat audio? We offer a variety of learning options (video and audio) to suit your learning style – you can even learn Chinese through rap!

Can't watch the video now or prefer text? Click here for a text version.
Can't watch the video now or prefer text? Click here for a text version.
Can't watch the video now or prefer text? Click here for a text version.